Buy now pay later


  •   Shipping is expensive but is necessary to ensure safe arrival of your new fish.  We have 3 options for shipping. 
  • 1. Southwest air cargo (airport to  airport) send Collect on Delivery (COD) for $47.81 to $58.44 for up to 50 pounds. 
  • 2. Delta air cargo (airport to airport) sent Collect on Delivery (COD) for $64.00 for up to 50 pound.. Delta goes to a lot of the smaller airports Southwest does not. If over the 50 pounds cost will be higher.
  • 3. UPS or FedEx overnight to your door. We give the exact cost given to us with our negotiated discounted rates. The flat rate of $69.99 is a base cost, if over an invoice will be sent for the amount over the flat rate. The overage invoice must be paid prior to shipping. If under the base rate I will upgrade you fish, send extra fish or add in a quality food we feed our fish at the Shack. You can email us for UPS and FedEx quotes


Live arrival Guarantee & DOA Policies

  1. In the rare event of a fish showing up dead on arrival DOA, Please send us photo's of the DOA fish in the shipped bag within 2 hours of delivery. Live arrival guarantee is void if not within 2 hours after delivery.
  2. All Air cargo shipments must be picked up within 2 hours of arrival or Live arrival guarantee is void. You ordered the fish and need to be prepared to receive them.
  3. You must follow acclimation procedures provided in your shipment of your new fish including the use of a quarantine tank.
  4. Credit for DOAs will be issued in the form of credit towards future fish purchases. Credit is issued for DOA fish only, not shipping... The number of fish you choose to order, even if you chose to order only one fish that is your choice as we have no minimum order. No refunds will be given.
  5. If a delivery is late due to the carrier or act of God ( i.e. Weather, wreck, and so on), we will not honor the live arrival guarantee. Claims must be made to the carrier by the customer and we will provide you with any support you need for your claim.
  6. Live arrival means that when the fish arrive at your door and you open the box the fish will be alive in the bags. Once the fish bags are opened and the fish are exposed to your water, the guarantee is null and void, we do not guarantee that the fish will live in your water conditions or not get harassed or killed by tank mates in your quarantine tank. All we guarantee is that they will be alive when they are dropped off and box is opened.